Film: The Grinch is back to steal Christmas

‘The Grinch’ strains to haul feature-length loot

‘The Grinch’ review: Benedict Cumberbatch plays title role in feature-length version of Dr. Seuss classic that strains to flesh out holiday story

To its credit, a few of the new elements in “The Grinch” are pretty nifty, perhaps most notably an expanded visual representation of Whoville, the idyllic town whose Christmas festivities become the object of the Grinch’s ire. The other major additions are both new — little Cindy Lou Who, in this telling way more than two, is now the concerned daughter of a single mom struggling to make ends meet — and very old, providing the Grinch an origin story that vaguely echoes why young Ebenezer Scrooge was so hostile to the holidays.

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