Öresundsbron: The bridge between two nations

The cost of The Bridge between two nations

Swedes call it Öresundsbron. Danes use the spelling Øresundsbroen. Around the world many know it simply as The Bridge, the name of the multi award-winning Nordic Noir drama screened in more than 100 countries that uses the connection as its brooding backdrop. It is huge.

“Copenhagen people are very proud of being Danish and living in a capital, and on the Swedish side people have quite a strong regional identity, so merging these two identities has not proven to be easy.”

That said, he believes you’d struggle to find anyone in the region who doesn’t feel closer to their Scandinavian neighbors than they did before the bridge was built.

“In senior high school some of my friends were actually demonstrating against the bridge and today we are making fun of them… We laugh because today we cannot imagine life without the bridge”.

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