The extraordinary story behind the Barcelona 1992 diving images

Snapped: the extraordinary story behind the Barcelona 1992 diving images – Olympic News

It is one of the most breath-taking Olympic scenes of all time. The 13-year-old diver Fu Mingxia, clad in a multi-coloured costume, wet hair spiked back, caught in mid-air with the city of Barcelona spread out behind her. Remarkably, the tale behind the photograph is just as engaging.

Bob Martin, 33 years old and little known outside the UK at the time, is the man ultimately responsible for creating a shot that not only defined a magical edition of the Olympic Games but also summed up the invigorating feel-good factor that envelopes the Olympic Movement.

This included Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the iconic temple that is part of a site on the UNESCO World Heritage List and reaches up beneath Miles’ arched back in the image. The final piece of Martin’s jigsaw involved a few tricks of the trade.

The result was staggering. Not only did the image of Miles, flying over the expanse of Barcelona, grace newsstands across the world and subsequently feature in numerous international exhibitions, but it also inspired an industry and fuelled a career.

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