Valencia: Hannah Sjöstedt impresses in Marathon debut

Fastest among all women in the Valencia Marathon

Hannah Sjöstedt from Sweden, did her Marathon debut in Valencia and impressed by going fastest of all wheel chair athletes, men and women. Her time was recorded to 2:20:53 and was the fastest time of all women runners participating in the race. This year Hannah started 6 minutes behind the elite runners, but next year, she is qualified to start in the first group.

The Valencia Marathon is well organized and treats runners to free hot chocolate and churros before the race and gift-bags at the finish. The relatively small field prevents crowding and allows runners to make their own pace.The route is avoiding most of the city, and has a scenic stretch along the coast.

Notable sites along the route include the Jardin del Turia, Mercado de Colon and Palua de la Musica, finishing at the stunning Museo de las Ciencias Principe Felipe. There is live music on the route to keep runners and watchers entertained.

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