CEWC: China decides on measures to boost economy in 2019

China decides on measures to boost economy in 2019- News – NHK WORLD – English

China’s leaders have adopted measures to boost their nation’s economy next year amid slowing growth and a trade dispute with the United States.

President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and other officials concluded the three-day Central Economic Work Conference on Friday. They charted course for the Chinese economy in 2019 at the annual meeting. They said the world is undergoing a major change that is unprecedented in the last 100 years.The leaders said that in order to maintain stable growth, they will implement measures that include larger-scale tax cuts, more infrastructure spending and increased support for small- and mid-sized companies. They also said they will continue to take on long-standing challenges, including reforming inefficient state-run companies and reducing the size of debts held by local governments.

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