Profile: How Gene Dykes ran a 2:54 marathon at age 70

PROFILE: How Gene Dykes ran a 2:54 marathon at age 70

Last weekend in Jacksonville, FL, 70-year-old Gene Dykes, from Philadelphia, ran a 2:54:23 marathon–the fastest ever by a 70+ runner, breaking the mark of 2:54:48, held by the legendary Ed Whitlock. (Run when Whitlock was 73.) Dykes had run two previous sub-3:00s this year since he turned 70 in early April.

How did you train differently? I really didn’t train any differently at all!  My average mileage in a training week is usually 40-50 miles.  Every week contains a couple recovery runs, a couple general aerobic runs, and some kind of faster workout, which my coach mixes up so much there is really nothing typical.

The only thing I did differently for Jacksonville than Rotterdam or Toronto was that I ran both a 50K trail race and the California International Marathon on consecutive days just two weeks beforehand. Not your typical prep for a world record attempt!

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