New tsunami warning system for Indonesia

‘New tsunami warning system’ for Indonesia

Indonesia says it will build a new warning system capable of detecting tsunamis caused by undersea landslides, days after giant waves triggered by a volcano killed at least 429 people. Installation of the new structure of buoys would start next year, a government agency told the BBC.

The new mechanism would work by detecting the size of waves, Iyan Turyana, a spokesman for the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology. The current system has been set up to monitor earthquakes, but not undersea landslides and volcanic eruptions, which can also generate deadly waves.

Due to lack of funds, vandalism to the buoys and technical faults, there have been no operational tsunami warning buoys since 2012. But experts say that even if there had been buoys near the volcano, there warning time would have been minimal, given how close Anak Krakatau is to the shoreline.

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