Opinion: Five things even Trump critics can give him credit for

Five things even Trump critics can give him credit for this Christmas

Criticism of President Trump’s impulse to divide rather than unite should be saved for another day — pretty much any other day, writes John Avlon. But in the Christmas spirit, there are some achievements, like criminal justice reform, that Trump deserves credit for.

Criminal justice reform – First step act, it promises to lessen the sentences of nonviolent criminals and reduce frankly racist sentencing disparities.

Getting tough on China – he’s been clear-eyed and mostly consistent when it comes to standing up to China’s exploitation of international systems

Economic opportunity zones – If companies follow through with the intended spirit, investing in the rust belt in particular, opportunity zones could be an important catalyst toward rebuilding America’s long-neglected inner cities.

‘Right-to-try’ legislation – It allows terminally ill patients to have access to experimental drugs. The logic is simple: what do they have to lose? Why not give patients and their families access to whatever experimental drug they want if it might be able to save or prolong their life?

The Music Modernization Act – A worthwhile and overdue piece of legislation that stops musicians from getting cheated by streaming services and cuts down on the power of predatory middle men.

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