Important: Fearless journalism makes positive change possible

Fearless journalism makes positive change possible

I want to begin this piece on the deepening trials and troubles of a free press by pointing towards peace.

By Christiane Amanpour

To be hopeful, and to stand our ground, we in the journalist profession have to be strong and determined and persistent. Because the war on journalism and journalists is coming from all sides, and at a time of major crisis in global leadership.

Not only are we not protected by our traditional defender, the United States of America, we are in fact increasingly vilified and endangered by the administration there. A clear demonstration that words in fact do have consequences was the round of pipe bombs and real threats directed at individuals and members of the press like CNN — all targets of the President’s wrath.

And as the free press comes under sustained assault in corners of Europe, even the EU is failing to stand up for us, under the weight of its own political crises.

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