2018 – Looking back on a year of sumo – scandals and progress

2018 — Looking back on a year of sumo – NHK NEWSLINE – News – NHK WORLD

It’s been another year of powerful performances and sell-out crowds in sumo arenas across Japan. A lot of things happened in 2018 both inside and outside of the ring. Let’s take look back at how things played out, and also some of the setbacks the sport had to overcome.

Sumo has many thousands of fans around the world… and a growing number are taking it up as a sport. A major amateur sumo event took place in Los Angeles in May, as a qualifier for the Sumo World Championships in Taiwan in July. I was there to watch the action. The annual US Sumo Open is the biggest event in amateur sumo in the United States. This year’s tournament was the 18th — and it brought together 48 wrestlers from 11 countries.

The sport faced accusations of gender discrimination. Traditionally, women are not allowed to enter the sumo ring. But that custom came under heavy criticism when women entered a ring to help during a medical emergency. During a provincial tour in Kyoto, a mayor of a different city collapsed when he was addressing the crowd from the ring and several women entered the ring to conduct CPR. But a referee repeatedly asked them to get out. The mayor eventually was taken to a hospital and underwent an operation for a brain hemorrhage and his life was saved. The Sumo Association later apologized and said that the announcement was inappropriate.

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