Question needing response: In whose interests is President Trump acting?

What really makes the Trump presidency scary

Mark Weinberg writes that as Trump’s latest threats to close the southern border prove, he is a leader who cares more about his name and reputation than the country’s larger national interests.

CNN – Hundreds of thousands of government workers — Democrats, Republicans and Independents — are being forced to go without  the paychecks they need to feed, house and clothe their families.

Reacting to Congress’ resistance to force US taxpayers — rather than Mexico — to fund his border wall, Trump have threatened to shut down the southern border on Friday night. No one knows what that means exactly, but his impetuous response reveals a much bigger issue at play here: In whose interests is our President acting?

Trump made a unilateral choice, which shocked our political and military establishment, as well as our allies abroad.

Trump’s incessant criticisms of the press and our system of justice are so frequent that some may be getting numb to their poisonous effects. But a democracy cannot exist without these two pillars.

Add Wall Street to the list of institutions Trump appears to no longer respect. In his sights is the very essence of our economic system:  the stock market.  He is making it virtually impossible for anyone to know in what to reliably invest.

Mark Weinberg is a communications consultant, speechwriter and the author of “Movie Nights with the Reagans” (Simon & Schuster). He served as special assistant to the president and assistant press secretary in Ronald Reagan’s White House, and as director of public affairs in former President Reagan’s office. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own.

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