What’s the impact of the US government shutdown?

US government shutdown: What’s the impact?

The partial US government shutdown has entered the new year as President Donald Trump’s border wall standoff with Congress remains unresolved. With federal closures now on day 12, around 800,000 employees are feeling the impacts of no funding and no pay.

The partial shutdown means about 25% of the US federal government has no funding. Only essential employees will continue working, but they’ll do so without pay. Nine departments have been affected by the shutdown, including Homeland Security, Justice, Housing, Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, and the Treasury.

Around 800,000 federal workers are now furloughed – that is, temporarily laid off due to a lack of funding – or working without pay. The National Park Service has suspended all non-emergency services, including all visitor services like public toilets, waste pickup, road maintenance and support centres, with over 21,000 employees now furloughed. The parks remain generally accessible to the public, but conditions have deteriorated due to a lack of staff. Noticeably, rubbish has begun to pile up outside national sites, including around the National Mall and the White House.

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