Question: What happens if Mueller investigation comes up empty?

What happens if Mueller comes up empty

Neither liberals nor conservatives have prepared for the possibility that Robert Mueller may come up empty – at least about President Donald Trump. Andrew Coan explains why both sides should think about this now.

If Mueller completes his investigation without interference, the norm established by Watergate will remain superficially intact. But Trump will have rendered it far weaker and more fragile than it appeared just two years ago. The next time a president is accused of a crime, this weakened norm may not be enough to restrain him. For this, Trump deserves lasting censure, regardless of the investigation’s outcome.

If there was no collusion and no obstruction, the irony is that Trump could have avoided all of this — the damage to the rule of law and to his presidency — by cooperating fully and letting Mueller’s probe run its course. If future presidents take any lesson away from Trump, let us hope it is this one.

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