10 big questions around Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation for 2019

16 big questions on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation for 2019

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has left plenty of questions hanging with no answers for almost 20 months.

1. How does the Mueller investigation end?

When he concludes his work, Mueller must provide a confidential report to the attorney general. But before that happens, he could seek additional indictments.Twenty-six others, who are all Russian, have been indicted by Mueller.

2. Will the public see Mueller’s findings?

Whether Mueller’s findings will become public and how is another question entirely — one that could lead to a fight of its own.

3. Will Trump fire Mueller?

From almost the beginning, the threat that Trump or the attorney general could fire Mueller has hung over the probe. But Trump hasn’t done it — yet.

4. Will Mueller interview Trump?

It’s unclear if Mueller has more questions for Trump. The President’s team has signaled for months that it would fight if he were asked to testify under subpoena or sit for an interview with Mueller, two situations where lying can be prosecuted as a federal crime. If Mueller did send Trump a subpoena for grand jury testimony, historical legal precedent suggests Trump would have to answer questions under oath.

5. How long will Mueller’s grand jury continue to meet?

The grand jury used by Mueller to indict Manafort, his deputy Rick Gates and 26 Russians over the past year and a half first assembled in the Washington federal courthouse in the summer of 2017. Its initial 18-month term was extended by up to six months on 4th January.

6. What about House Democrats?

Beyond Mueller, a new class of investigators was sworn in this week: House Democrats. Democrats now control the key House committees that can investigate Trump’s campaign ties to Russia, his personal finances, obstruction of justice and just about everything in between. These committees have subpoena power and can force key witnesses to turn over sensitive documents, and can demand that Trump’s closest allies appear for public hearings to face questions in front of the cameras.

7. What are the ‘several ongoing investigations’ Gates is still helping team Mueller with?

Last we heard from Gates, he had testified for three days against Manafort at trial and “continues to cooperate with respect to several ongoing investigations,” his defense lawyer and Mueller’s prosecutors said in November. The next status report from prosecutors and Gates’ legal team is scheduled to be submitted to the court on January 15.

8. Will powerful Russians get access to national security investigation secrets?

The Russian company Concord Management and Consulting is fighting this battle in court, as it fends off a criminal indictment for allegedly funding a social media conspiracy to disrupt the 2016 presidential election.

9. How important is Konstantin Kilimnik?

Mueller indicted Kilimnik last year for attempting to tamper with potential witnesses in Manafort’s case, and said he had worked with Manafort and Gates to “carry out the criminal schemes” to which Manafort has admitted. The question remains: What else have they learned about him?

10. What did Michael Cohen tell prosecutors?

Jeannie Rhee in December: “He has provided our office with credible and reliable information about core Russia-related issues under investigation and within the purview of the special counsel’s office.” What could those “core Russia-related issues” be?

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