CES 2019: A lot of artificial intelligence, TV technology and 5G

CES 2019: Friendly robots, oddball cars and a lot of artificial intelligence

Robots, faster intenet for phones and AI are just some of the technologies coming to CES 2019, the massive consumer electronics show that takes over Las Vegas for a week every January.

Sixty companies will exhibit in the show’s AI section this year, but the technology will make an appearance in products from almost every category. “AI is the star of the show, the ingredient in other technology,” said Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Technology Association.

This year look for giant 80-inch sets, better image quality with HDR (high-dynamic range) and MicroLED screens, and some early examples of 8K televisions (though they won’t be taking over living rooms anytime soon).

At CES, chip-makers and wireless carriers will share more details on 5G potential and how it could change industries in the coming years, eventually supporting speeds up to 10 gigabits per second on smartphones.

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