Insight: Gender equality around the world – top and bottom

Gender equality in Japan remains bottom – NHK NEWSLINE – News – NHK WORLD

The World Economic Forum has published its annual report on gender equality. It says there has been a marginal improvement over last year in terms of the gender gap, with improvement seen in 89 of 144 countries. Japan has also moved up four ranks, but is still only in 110th place.

Iceland retained the title of the world’s most gender-equal society for the 10th straight year. It was followed by Nordic countries such as Norway and Sweden.Among the major economies, France ranked 12th, Germany was 14th, Britain was 15th, and the US ranked 51st.

There are 6 countries which ranked 100th or lower among G20 nations. They are China in 103rd place, India in 108th, Japan in 110th, South Korea in 115th, Turkey in 130th, and Saudi Arabia in 141st place.

The 2018 report from World Economic Forum says the world still has a long way to go in terms of women’s leadership in politics and business. Seventeen of 149 countries currently have women as heads of state. On average, only 18% of ministers and 24% of lawmakers are women. As for business, women are in just 34% of managerial positions globally.

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