New study categorizes five types of insomnia differently

Five types of insomnia! ()

Researchers revealed that there are five types of insomnia. This finding was published by The Lancet Psychiatry. A commentary in the journal stated that the finding could be a new page in the history of insomnia, promoting discoveries on mechanisms and interventions. The researchers identified subtypes by looking beyond sleep complaints. They assessed dozens of questionnaires on personality traits that are known to be rooted in brain structure and function.Insomnia subtypes could be discovered by looking at trait profiles:

Type 1 – scores high on many distressing traits such as neuroticism and feeling down or tense.

Types 2 and 3 – experienced less distress and were distinguished by their high versus low sensitivity to reward.

Type 4 and 5 – experienced even less distress and differed by the way their sleep responded to stressful life events. These induced severe and long-lasting insomnia in type 4, while the sleep of type 5 was unaffected by these events.

Effectiveness of treatment with sleeping pills or cognitive behavioral therapy differed per type. And the risk of developing a depression varied dramatically. Subtyping now enables much more efficient research into the prevention of depression, by inviting specifically those with the highest risk. The researchers now commenced a study into prevention of depression in people with insomnia that run the highest risk.

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