9 Articles: How to win at work, getting that pay rise and busting stress

How to win at work, from getting that pay rise to busting stress

lt;p>It is how many of us spend the majority of our waking hours, so it makes sense to have a job you love and a workplace that brings joy to your heart each morning. If only that were always the case.

1. How to manage your boss… and get that pay rise

We’re not as good as we think at working together with strangers. But we can harness psychology to make our work relationships work for everyone

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2. How to avoid getting sick in the office

Our workplaces are making us sick, but there are clever ways to dodge the germiest corners and keep your health intact

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3. Why chilling out is the route to job success

Forget the cult of being busy, research shows that if you take things slower at work you’ll be happier and healthier – and more likely to get promotions, too

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4. How to stay focused and avoid distractions

From insistent emails to querying colleagues, many things can disrupt our focus at work. But distractions aren’t all bad – they can boost your creativity, too

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5. Why hot-desking and open-plan offices are bad for you

Flexible workspaces that encourage collaboration and creativity are all the rage. But they ignore basic human psychology – and they could be counterproductive

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6. How to create the perfect desk space

Prefer to sit or stand at your desk? Like it cluttered or uncluttered? There are no right answers – the key is variety, and a space where you feel you belong

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7. How to take the perfect stress-busting break

Skipping regular breaks will only send your stress levels through the roof. Here’s the best way to press the reset button

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8. Is flexible working actually a good idea?

Experiments show shorter weeks and remote working can boost productivity – as long as you can avoid the three enemies of fridge, bed and tv if working from home

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9. How to plan your day (and avoid the afternoon slump)

Each of us has our own daily rhythm, whether night owl or morning lark. Finding out yours is the first step to maximising creativity and productivity all day

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