Polite request from Europe: wake us up when you know what you want from Brexit

A polite request from Europe: wake us up when you know what you want from Brexit | Joris Luyendijk

Excuse us if we can’t get excited about the ‘meaningful vote’. From the outside it looks like more paralysis and delusion, says author Joris Luyendijk

That the British political and media establishment is engrossed by this week’s edition of that long-running psychodrama called Brexit is forgivable; it is their country, and the episode promises to be an action-packed one. But for many Europeans, the meaningful vote is just more of the same: the Brits still don’t know what they want, so the politicians go round and round and round, and then round some more.

And the reason is simple: each of these options involve economic or electoral pain that would rip apart either party, comprised as they are with both remainers, soft-Brexiteers and hard ones.

This refusal to live in the real world made the victory for the leave camp possible in the first place, and it has continued to be the state of affairs in Britain in September 2016, or in July 2017 or indeed in January 2019. So forgive Europeans for suppressing a yawn when they are asked once again to take an interest in a vote that will not bring any further clarity in the only question that matters: have the Brits made up their minds?

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