Opinion: CNN and MSNBC – Why Trump impeachment inquiry should start now

Impeachment inquiry is the right idea right now

Julian Zelizer explains why the House needs to launch a Watergate-style investigation into the Trump administration right away.

Julian Zelizer for CNN: Until recently, the voices calling for impeachment proceedings have been limited. There are many good reasons for House Democrats to start this process now. The most important is that Congress needs to provide some kind of public accounting for what this President might or might not have done. Political considerations should not dictate what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides to do. There are moments in American political history when congressional leaders have the obligation to do the right thing regardless of the potential political costs. Given the body of very serious charges that are now facing this President, it would be almost reckless for the House to refrain from investigating. So the answer to the legislator’s question to me Thursday night is getting pretty close to an affirmative, yes. Not that President Trump should be impeached, but we do need to start the process. The facts in front of us are making the logic of the House starting an impeachment investigation almost inevitable.

Full Applebaum: Why Trump should be impeached now

Full Applebaum: Why Trump should be impeached now

Yoni Applebaum, author of the Atlantic’s cover story on the case for impeachment, joins the MTP Daily panel to discuss why an impeachment process would help investigate whether the president is fit for office.

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