Partovi raised in a revolution. Today he teaches kids computer science

Hadi Partovi Was Raised in a Revolution. Today He Teaches Kids to Code.

corner office The founder and chief executive of, who was born in Iran, says computer science is a “foundational skill,” one that future doctors, lawyers and politicians should all possess. Hadi Partovi, the founder of Credit Credit Matt Edge for The New York Times Just how much influence should Silicon Valley have over the classroom?

How did get started?

The moment of inspiration was the day Steve Jobs died. I had wanted to make a video that featured the best technologists talking about the importance of computer science, and I was like, “God. The best of them just died. He can’t be in my video anymore.” That gave me the onus to start

And why is it so important that kids learn to code?

The idea for isn’t that every kid should learn to code, it’s that every school should teach computer science. We use the word “coding” because it’s more hip. But computer science really is a subject that needs to be taught. And the reason for this isn’t because there’s so many coding jobs or that coding pays well or things like that. The reason is because computer science is foundational. Every school teaches biology, every school teaches chemistry, every school teaches algebra. You wouldn’t envision going to a school that just said, “We don’t teach that.”

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