Analysis: Why Asia isn’t hanging up on Huawei

Why Asia isn’t hanging up on Huawei

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei is facing a global backlash but for many telecom operators in South East Asia, it is still among the preferred 5G partners. Several Asian telecom firms have told me it is “business as usual” for Huawei in their countries.

Huawei – cheaper and better?

Huawei is thought to be a year ahead of its competitors in terms of its technological expertise in terms of what it can offer customers, according to industry sources.

“5G is an important building block for the Philippine economy’s competitiveness. This is the reason we are accelerating our efforts to deploy 5G, so we can provide as many Filipinos as possible an access to the technology,” Globe chief technology and information officer Gil Genio said in a statement to the BBC.

Huawei is among the main providers of telecoms equipment for operators conducting 5G trials in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Industry sources say competitors can’t match Huawei on cost and technological capability.

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