This AI is so good at writing that its creators won't let you use it

This AI is so good at writing that its creators won’t let you use it

A new artificial intelligence system is so good at composing text that the researchers behind it said they won’t release it for fear of how it could be misused.

Created by nonprofit AI research company OpenAI (whose backers include Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft), the text-generating system can write page-long responses to prompts, mimicking everything from fantasy prose to fake celebrity news stories and homework assignments. It builds on an earlier text-generating system the company released last year.

OpenAI typically releases its research projects publicly. But in a blog post about the text generator, the researchers said they would not make it publicly available due to “concerns about malicious applications of the technology.” Instead, the company released a technical paper and a smaller AI model — essentially a less capable version of the same text generator — that other researchers can use.

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