Cohen appears before Congress this week – It’ll be hard to look away

Michael Cohen appears before Congress this week. It’ll be hard to look away: Keith Boag | CBC News

One way to avoid disappointment in life is to lower expectations, and so probably the best approach to the week ahead is to assume that it will not answer any of the big who-knew-what-and-why-did-they-lie-about-it questions concerning Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

The most informed speculation is that Congress will see the Mueller report confidentially and use it as a roadmap for its own investigations, and in that manner the world will eventually receive Mueller’s full narrative of the case.

There remains the possibility that Mueller will deliver new indictments next week and that they might, as they have in the past, tell more of the story than expected. That could be a scene stealer.

But for now it still looks like the main attraction will be Michael Cohen, the bullying felon who’s been likened to a Mafia consigliere and whom the  president calls a rat for co-operating with the Department of Justice that the president is entrusted to uphold.

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