Brexit: What just happened?

Brexit: What just happened?

Members of Parliament have rejected eight different proposals on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU). The plans – proposed and then voted on during a turbulent day in Westminster – ranged from holding a second referendum to leaving the EU without a deal on 12 April.

What happens next?

A good question.

Whether Mrs May will be allowed to return with her deal for a third vote has in any case been thrown into fresh doubt by the House of Commons Speaker. Wednesday saw Mr Bercow once more cite parliamentary precedent to rule that another vote could only take place if the proposal tabled by the government was “substantially different” from the previous one.

The UK could still leave with no deal on 12 April if a way forward is not found. Although this is now regarded as unlikely, given the opposition of most MPs, by what method this can be avoided – and even who will be in charge of the process – is not entirely clear.

Are we anywhere near the end of all this?


It is worth remembering that the debate now is focused on the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU.

The conditions of the future relationship between the country and the bloc, assuming the UK leaves at all, still have to be negotiated.

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