Japan: Carlos Ghosn granted bail for second time

Carlos Ghosn granted bail for second time- News – NHK WORLD – English

A Tokyo court has granted bail for the second time to former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn. The 65-year-old was detained for a second time earlier this month. Prosecutors then charged him with aggravated breach of trust.

The court set Ghosn’s bail at about 4 and a half million dollars. That’s on top of the 9 million dollars he paid the last time he was released on bail.

The terms of his first bail included having a surveillance camera installed in his residence and limiting his use of computers and cell phones.Prosecutors are appealing Thursday’s decision on the grounds that Ghosn might coordinate his story with his family. Companies that are in his wife and son’s names were involved in the case.Ghosn has already posted bail. And if the court rejects the prosecution’s appeal, he could be released as early as Thursday.

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