Chennai: How India’s sixth biggest city is coping without water

How India’s sixth biggest city is coping without water

People fighting in queues for water, many unable to take showers, and hotels warning people about water usage. This is the situation in India’s sixth largest city after its four reservoirs ran dry this week. And while there is a little water still available, it’s not clear how long it will last.

City resident Rajasimhan told the BBC: “We are facing one of the worst water shortages in recent years. The water situation has been very bad for the last month. And it will be worse if there is no rain in the coming days. There is no water through the taps. 

“We have to depend heavily on water supplied by trucks from Chennai Metro Water or private water suppliers, the latter being too costly but we don’t have a choice. 

“We store water in buckets and pots. If the water tankers won’t turn up, we source water from the common storage tanks kept on the street. It is very time consuming. All the major reservoirs in the city are dry. We are all praying for a good rain to tide over the water crisis.”

Aksshay, a food blogger in Chennai, told the BBC: “Living without water is hard. I am facing a lot of problems my side as well. We used to get groundwater and now we have to buy tanker water which costs $50 to $100. For me, it’s really expensive. 

“When we go to streets and restaurants, they don’t have water, they have some contaminated water which will be given for handwash which is not really hygienic. I’m trying to spread awareness to save water and not waste water. I’m trying my best to tell my friends but let’s see what happens. “

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