Business: Huawei shows confidence despite US pressure

Huawei shows confidence despite US pressure | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

Chinese tech giant Huawei has expressed confidence in its ability to withstand US sanctions. A top company official slammed Washington’s moves, but said they will have minimal impact on its 5G expansion.

Ken Hu said Huawei has signed with telecom carriers in 30 countries. He added that Huawei is operating 150,000 5G base stations, and claimed that number will likely increase to 500,000 by the end of the year.

The official also denied that US sanctions have had any influence on its parts supply chain. He said he’s confident Huawei will continue to obtain equipment from suppliers, including those in Japan.

Huawei’s Deputy Chairman made the remarks at the Mobile World Congress telecom exhibition in Shanghai on Wednesday.

Ken Hu addressed the US decision last month to ban American firms from doing business with Huawei without government permission.

Hu called it unfair and based on groundless allegations. He denied any impact on its 5G business.

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