Parties gear up for 12 December election battle

Parties gear up for 12 December election battle

Political parties are readying themselves for a general election campaign after MPs voted for a 12 December poll. The legislation approved by MPs on Tuesday will later begin its passage through the House of Lords, where it is not expected to be opposed. Boris Johnson says he is ready to fight a “tough” general election.

What happens next?

  • The Early Parliamentary General Election Bill – which prompts the election – will be debated in the House of Lords on Wednesday
  • If peers make any amendments to the bill, it will head back to the Commons for MPs to approve or reject the changes
  • Once passed, the bill will receive Royal Assent – when the Queen formally agrees to the bill becoming law
  • On Monday 4 November, MPs are due to elect a new Speaker to replace John Bercow
    Just after midnight on Wednesday 6 November, Parliament will be shut down or “dissolved” – meaning every seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant
  • Five weeks later, the country will go to the polls for the first December election since 1923

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