What happens when a city get´s too popular?

Destinations have vowed to fight back against overtourism for 2020

(CNN) – If 2018 was the year of overtourism, 2019 was the year destinations fought back. Or, rather, vowed to do so. So how will 2020 shape up? From Amsterdam to Venice, in 2019 authorities came up with new rules to fight the crowds and make life better for locals.

But how many of those rules have been implemented, and how many drifted away once the noise (and all-important headlines) about their launch subsided?

CNN looked at the measures announced by five of Europe’s biggest destinations: Venice, Amsterdam, Santorini, Barcelona and Dubrovnik. All unveiled plans in 2019 to change tourism for the better. Have any of them worked? And what’s on the cards for 2020?

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