USA: the opioid crises has claimed more than 400 000 victims and continues

The Pharmacist review – when doctors become drug dealers

Sometimes when you watch a documentary – particularly one of the new wave of true crime serial documentaries – you can’t help but imagine the moment when the producers first met their key interviewee and, within a couple of minutes, realised they were looking at factual-film-making gold.

In the last two episodes, we arrive at the real point of The Pharmacist, as it pulls back to look at the history of the US national opioid crisis that now has claimed more than 400 000 of American lives since Schneider correctly outlined its mechanics at a local level. It is a story of inhuman private company greed on a huge scale, corrupt law enforcement and government incompetence, described here as being on a par with the lies told about tobacco not too long ago.

The Pharmacist raises an immensely important issue, but its power as television all comes from the fact that one individual, Dan Schneider, resolute in his faith and his desire to right wrongs. Faced what US law enforcement and government bodies did not, the now raging American opioid crisis, which makes the Corona virus look like a minor cold in comparison.

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