Federal appeals court refused to give President Trump immediate relief

Appeals court sets September 1 hearing on deadline for Trump’s financial records subpoena

A federal appeals court refused to give President Donald Trump immediate relief to stop his accounting records from being turned over to a New York state grand jury, instead scheduling arguments for September 1 over whether the subpoena of Trump’s records should be paused.

The ruling is the latest in a whirlwind of court filings following Thursday’s decision by US District Judge Victor Marrero to toss Trump’s amended lawsuit challenging the supboena. The decision marked the latest rejection of Trump’s attempt to block prosecutors from gaining his financial records and tax returns from his long-time accountant Mazars USA.
Last year, Vance’s office subpoenaed Mazars USA seeking eight years of Trump’s personal and business records and tax returns. Prosecutors have said the documents are critical to their investigation into the Trump Organization. Whether the subpoena is enforced now or in a few weeks, Trump’s tax returns and business records will not become public because they are guarded by grand jury secrecy rules. The only likelihood that they would become public would be if there was a trial.
Earlier Friday, lawyers for Trump had filed an emergency request asking the appeals court to place a hold on the subpoena for his financial documents and tax returns on hold until the higher court could weigh in on the matter.

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