Opinion: USA joins the rank of lesser nations

The world has witnessed the Capitol of the USA be attacked by terrorists. For decades we have seen the American systems of justice, democracy and freedom of speech be tested, tried and found wanting.

It is clear that the world’s, self-proclaimed, world leading nation is continuing to regress, and does not meet the standards it is pushing onto other nations in the International arena.

  1. Media is not reporting in a responsible and constructive way. Rather it designs its key news and message in a way that creates more confusion and implies hidden agendas at every turn. This practice is contributing to the complexity, volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity of the information being shared.
  2. Political parties’ programs become strongly hampered by the person fixation of elections. Political parties’ principles and programs become second to the main candidates’ and senators’ own agendas, which agendas may change on a whim to benefit from an entertainment prone process.
  3. Lack of accountability for the powerful. The system is failing to hold individuals accountable, even when it is obvious that misinformation is spread to the people. When the jury consists of the political parties themselves it is bound to be biased and sub-agendas will influence decisions.
  4. Freedom of speech becomes an excuse for furthering private agendas by officially elected leaders. There needs to be a difference between official information and advocating an official agenda, and spreading ones own private opinions and furthering a private agenda. Communication from official persons needs to be responsible, fact based and subject to the highest possible levels of accountability at all times. An official person’s communication is, per definition, never private in nature while in tenure.

When these four points are in play within a nation its population becomes divided, polarized and confused. This leads to an increased dependency on individual leaders, which becomes paradoxical, when these individual leaders purposefully creates confusion, complexity and ambiguity.

The way forward is to develop a foundation of values and goals which everyone within a nation is held accountable to. Only then can a country be a nation with shared values and goals. What these values and goals are, is decided in the democratic process, not by individual leaders or parties. The leaders of a party and a country are elected to work towards reaching these shared goals guided by the shared values in place.

Official media channels has an important role, and responsibility, to inform about the progress of this work and hold elected leaders accountable. There must thus be a way to distinguish common media, with commercial interests and goals, from media which are committed to this higher purpose.

– Peter J. Karlsson

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